The fierce and fashionable women of 2NE1 exude a style full of confidence, even when their latest music video for the single “Ugly” was released they still were positively striking.

Recently the ladies sat down for an interview with OSEN.  The question that was posed to the members of 2NE1 was, “If they had ever felt that they were ‘ugly’ as in the lyrics to their hit single?”  It was quite surprising to hear Dara’s response as she replied laughing, “Yes, I feel it when I’m wearing a feminine style.  On stage I’m always dressed like a boy, so I lose confidence when I’m wearing something more feminine.”

Bom responded, “I don’t particularly feel ugly or anything, but when I get my song wrong that’s the time I don’t have confidence.”

Minzy answered, “I tend to feel that way when I’m trying my best to better myself and make progress, or when it isn’t going the way I want something to.”

Leader CL said, “I don’t mainly feel ugly, but once in a while I do get into a slump.  Just like the lyrics of ‘Ugly’ say, I do feel lonely from time to time.”

Next, the opposite question was asked of the members; “At what time did they ever feel amazing?”  Bom piped up saying, “When I sing.  I love to sing and it is what I am most confident and comfortable with.”

After hearing Bom’s response, Dara said in agreement, “It is the easiest for me to feel confident when I am performing on stage.  When I hear the cheers from our fans it just thrills me and I honestly feel as if I’m the best for the time I am up on stage.”

Minzy then conveyed her feelings, “Whenever I dance my solo.”  She was followed by CL who expressed, “When I perform if I don’t feel confident, then those watching won’t feel it either.  It is a must that I do my best on stage so the audience will feel the same way.  The thought I have when I go up on stage is that I’m going to be the best.”

From time to time even those who are the best feel ugly or inadequate, they are human after all.  What is your take on what the ladies had to say?  Did they help you feel more confident about yourself?

Source: OSEN