On Super Junior‘s “Mr. Simple” comeback day, one Suju member in particular will always be the band’s number one fan. It is Henry Lau!  

The Super Junior M member tweeted the following message to his boys: 

“I’m feeling very….very…extremely….SIMPLE TODAY! they killeddddddddd itttt!!! aosjdaidjaoisdj WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!mixed emotions at times like this…nevertheless I’m so proud!!!! miss them all. so happy”

Choi Si Won, on the other hand, turned the tables by reminding Henry how important he is to the band via Twitter.

@henrylau89 same here dude, we miss you so much. When are you back to korea? Call me when u check this.”

What did E.L.F.s think about their brotherly band affection?

Read a couple of their tweets below: 

“Call me~~!! Call me too~~!! ^______^ Well Done Captain~~!! We enjoy the SJ come back stage today~~!! Good Job..” – Eupraxia900301 

“I Miiss You all Too !! When [will you] Come to MALAYSIA again ?? T_T po go si po !!” – CJShyenELF 

Sources: @Siwon407 and @HenryLau89