Rapper Dok2 took to Instagram to respond to an accuser (hereafter referred to as “A”) who is claiming that Dok2’s mother never paid back borrowed money.

According to a report by Yeongnam Ilbo on November 26, in the late 1990s, right after the IMF financial crisis in Korea, Dok2’s mother borrowed 10 million won (approximately $8,900) from her old schoolmate “A” and then disappeared.

In 2002, “A” filed a civil suit demanding the money be paid back and won the lawsuit the following year. However, “A” is claiming that they never received the money. They said, “Our family is struggling to get by in a single room, but watching Dok2 being so successful on TV, it’s painful.”

Regarding the lawsuit, a source from Illionaire Records said, “At the time of the lawsuit, Dok2’s mother had declared bankruptcy, so she has no obligations according to civil and criminal law.”

Dok2 also responded via a live broadcast on Instagram, in which he said people shouldn’t try to loop him into the fraud case involving Microdot’s parents. He said, “It seems you’re trying to bring me into this because of Microdot’s case, but don’t put that shit together. We never disappeared, we’re right here. We’re in Yongsan. If you have something to say, you can come here.”

He continued, “Ten million won? Would 10 million won change our lives? At the time, I think my mother borrowed the money because there were things she had to take care of after her restaurant went out of business. I’ve always been here. I don’t understand why this is suddenly coming up now, right after the news about Microdot. Ten million won? Come on, man. That’s what I spend on food in one month. Would borrowing that amount and then disappearing have improved our lives? I never lied about living in a container box, and up until 2011, my parents had it hard, too.

Dok2 said, “I only started earning billions of won three to four years ago. If the money we borrowed was 1 or 2 billion won, even 10 billion won, we’d review it, pay it back, and apologize, but saying that it’s ‘painful seeing me being so successful’ because of 10 million won that my mother borrowed 20 years ago for an emergency with her restaurant is all bullshit.”

“My mother never committed fraud, and she simply followed legal procedure. The case was closed in 2003, and she hasn’t been notified of anything with regards to it since. If there is money you haven’t received, talk to me personally.”

In the wake of the news, criticism is falling on Dok2 for the manner in which he addressed the issue, with netizens saying that though there may be no legal issue, talking about 10 million won as if it were nothing was insensitive and overboard.

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