A few days after firing back at someone who accused his mother of fraud, Dok2 released an official statement via Instagram.

The statement reads, “Hello, this is Dok2. 16 years ago, the restaurant that my parents operated went bankrupt due to financial difficulties from the rumors of mad cow disease spreading everywhere at the time. The 10 million won [approximately $8,800] that they borrowed was to pay their employees’ wages. I learned the truth about this debt only after the accusations came out in the news.”

He continued, “Last night, we contacted the victim and resolved our misunderstandings. I said I would repay the debt, as was my moral responsibility as a son, and we finally came to an agreement today. I am sorry for causing people concern.”

The accusations against Dok2’s mother first made the news on November 26 and Dok2 was criticized for the way that he handled the initial response. The accusations were also part of a recent wave of allegations of fraud against celebrities’ parents that emerged after Microdot first made the news for the same issue.