LOL. They really did it! Dokko Jin did say that he’d move in on Seung Gis CF territory if he didn’t help get Gu Ae Jung on “Steel Heart,” and now it looks like he’ll be sharing the limelight (and hugs!) as a result. Capitalizing on the meta brilliance of the Hong Sisters’ drama “Best Love,” Samsung has actually brought Cha Seung Won onboard to guest star in one of Lee Seung Gi‘s refrigerator CFs. (He’s their main brand model, so he has an entire series of these.) There’s so much drama-meta-meets-fiction-meets-reality that I don’t know what’s what, but it cracks me up.

So backstory, in case none of this makes sense: Seung Gi made a memorable cameo appearance on “Best Love” as a show of support for the Hong Sisters, since he was the leading man in their last drama, “My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho.” In the cameo, Seung Gi played a bizarro-world version of himself, with a secret backstage ego the size of Jupiter. He was Dokko Jin’s Mini-me, and they had a hilarious exchange where Dokko Jin threatened to steal his fridge CF if he didn’t use some star power to help Ae Jung score a TV appearance.

And now, here they are in the same pose, all over again. Hee. I actually don’t know if Cha Seung Won is playing himself or Dokko Jin in the CF, because Seung Gi doesn’t really play himself in them either (though it’s pretty much a thinly-veiled version of him). You can see an example of a shoot below, where he mostly gives that Super Puppy Look of Deliciousness at an array of foods, sings a song about kimchi, and then hugs his mom, like a proper boy next door. You can see why he’s the poster manchild for the fridges. The thing I don’t get though is why there are as many models of refrigerators, per each mom/girlfriend/wife/personality type/color scheme/mood/marital bliss status/food and beverage preference/level of OCD. It’s a little insane. My fridge keeps my stuff cold. Yeah.

Cha Seung Won hilariously admitted, “Seung Gi is the first man I’ve ever hugged for a drama or a CF shoot.” HAHAHA. My mind is taking the he’s my first concept and just going to weird places. He added, “Seung Gi has a reputation for being sincere and polite, but he’s really like that in person, and seeing such a sincere hoobae has made my attachment grow.” Aw. How cute are they? I’m sold. Sign me up for the model that cooks my food. And comes with Seung Gi.

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