After the 61st Grammy Awards, which was held on February 10, Dolly Parton gave a shoutout to BTS and mentioned the idea of a collaboration!

BTS made headlines Sunday with their enthusiastic dancing and singing to Dolly Parton’s performance of “Jolene.” The singer was so touched by it, she shared the clip of the group on her Twitter and said, “Maybe my next #Jolene collab will be with BTS? What do y’all think?”

ARMY has responded with a resounding “YES,” expressing how much it would mean to them and BTS, as well.

Fans made sure Dolly Parton knew that Jungkook was actually brought to tears by her Grammys tribute.

And they pointed out all the ways in which this was clearly meant to be. Reason No. 673:

Reason No. 674:

“In Jinsus name” for good measure.

And just a really sincere thank you to the country legend.

What do you think of a Dolly Parton x BTS collab?