Dong Bang Shin Ki members Xiah (Junsu), Micky (Yoochun), and Hero (Jaejoong) will promote their new temporary three-member group under the name JYJ.  However, this is not their confirmed group name.

Xiah, Micky, and Hero decided to discontinue their activities as members of Dong Bang Shin Ki after personal discord with their agency, SM Entertainment. On June 5, the three members will hold a large scale fan meeting concert in Tokyo Dome, and they will be holding the concert as JYJ, which are their initials.

A representative of the three members revealed on May 19, “Before this event, AVEX has decided to go with JYJ for the logo for the concert. Even though they will promote as JYJ for the concert, it is not their confirmed group name. We will not know the group name until AVEX releases an official announcement.”

Meanwhile, there will be four fan meeting concert performances for this event. 

S: JoongAng

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