Super Junior’s Donghae reveals a past memory of fellow member Lee Teuk.

Aired on August 30th on the SBS TV show ‘Strong Heart,’ Donghae recalled a past event when he promoted in a group called Smile during the 2002 World Cup with Lee Teuk.

Donghae said, “I was celebrating with Lee Teuk when Korea had won a match and we were screaming with joy until a group of men heard us nearby and began to pick a fight with us” and “We ended up having a physical fight and we were attacked.”

Lee Teuk, who saw his fellow member Donghae bruised up, said, “I’ll be back after I fight them off” and had left the dorm. Donghae said, “Later on our manager had asked Lee Teuk where he had been and he said, ‘I was at the sauna,’” causing the whole audience on set to burst into laughter.