B2ST’s Yoon Doo Joon revealed funny photos shot with each of his six fellow group members. On July 9th, Doo Joon first tweeted a photo taken with Hyun Seung and wrote “Peace man who won’t stop singing and who makes a peace sign even now.”

Then he revealed a photo featuring Dong Woon, along with the description “Our youngest member who recovered.” In the photo titled “Lee Gi Kwang the baby is acting cute,” Lee Gi Kwang is laying on the sofa with a surprised look. He described Jun Hyung as “first class joker” in the photo taken alongside him.

As soon as Doo Joon posted a photo of Yo Seob sleeping with the caption “Sleeping monster,” Yo Seob responded “I’m not sure what he is referring to as the monster? I’m going to sue you.” Shortly after, playful Doo Joon posted another photo of Yo Seob, this time titled as “Suing Man.”

Fans showed various reactions such as “From peace man to suing man, more nicknames,” “You guys hang out like elementary students,” “So cute.” Meanwhile, B2ST will be holding fan meetings in Japan on the 16th, Taiwan on the 22nd and 23rd, and in China on the 30th.