An extra from an unnamed drama has been caught by police after using prop money and checks at super markets and convenience stores.

Gyeonggi-do’s Namyangju City Police Department announced on June 22 that the 30-year-old extra had been detained on suspicion of fraud. According to police, the extra used prop 50,000 won notes and 100,000 won checks to make purchases at markets and convenience stores in Namyangju and Seoul’s Wolgok neighborhood on five separate occasions from April to May of this year. In all, the extra allegedly pocketed 300,000 won (270 USD) in fake money.

Playing the part of a casino operator in an unnamed drama, the extra reportedly secretly took the prop money and proceeded to illegally spend it. Police say that the extra has acknowledged their crime, telling investigators that they were in need of cash after they had not been paid following filming.

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