The Musical” drama which features Goo Hye Sun and Choi Daniel has finally been confirmed by SBS to begin airing.

The recent decision had been made that SBS’ program “Dalgona” was to be cancelled, with that the station had searched for a replacement finally deciding on “The Musical”. The drama is expected to start on September 2, and will air every Friday. With this news the production team will pick-up and continue shooting from where the drama left off, as it had been put on hold, finishing things up before the show actually airs.

This will be the first drama in two-and-a-half years for actress Goo Hye Sun whose most recent role was in “Boys Before Flowers”. She will be playing the part of Ko Eum Bi who has dreams of becoming an actress in a musical.  Actor Choi Daniel has the role of Hong Jay, who is a famous Broadway musical writer.

Current musical actress Ok Joo Hyun will be making an appearance playing the musical ‘Queen’.  Since “The Musical”’s broadcast has been confirmed, another musical drama called “What’s Up” draws curiosity.

The drama, with its future in limbo, was known for its cast which had stars Im Joo Hwan, Im Joo Eun, and idol star Daesung. “What’s Up” still hasn’t been able to broadcast. Despite filming for the drama has been completed for a few months now. It continues to wait to be picked up by a broadcast station. With the recent news of Daesung’s car accident and Im Joo Hwan serving his country in the military, certainly has had an affect on the promotion for the drama.

Officials commented on the matter saying, “We hope for good news for ‘What’s Up’ as well as dramas ‘Birdie Buddy’, ‘The Musical’, ‘Poseidon’, and more that will have a good broadcast.  If they aren’t aired in 2011, then the drama could be ignored by viewers as the generations will be mismatched.”

We wish for the best for drama “The Musical” as it begins airing next month.  We really, really hope for the other dramas to be picked up soon and that they will be met with much enthusiasm as well.

Source: Nate