Kang Sora and Jung Jinwoon plan to keep “Dream High Season 2” viewers brimming with excitement for their “button kiss.”

The 11th episode, which aired on March 5, showed the scenario of the super idol team battle carrying out their third audition, “Propose Mission.”

The episode is gaining numerous expectations for Hae Sung+Yu Jin couple’s button kiss still scene.

As the mission’s name implies, the Propose Mission has a couple sing and dance to a romantic movie or musical scene. Viewers are anticipated which love line characters (Hae Sung, Yu Jin, JB, Rian) will most successfully present the romantic propose mission.

According to the production company, Yu Jin’s button falls off during his practice with Hae Sung. As she sews it back for him, Yu Jin feels his heart beating seeing Hae Sung’s feminine charm and tries to leave but accidentally kisses her cheek.