The members of Dreamcatcher have busy schedules with their current promotions, and in a behind-the-scenes video uploaded to their official YouTube channel, the singers were seen enjoying a feast.

The group started promotions for “Wind Blows” and fans were given a personal look at the members’ activities in the dressing room. JiU and Siyeon happily showed off some madeleines that had been gifted to them by their lovely directors, before trying a couple.

Dream 2

The two displayed excited reactions, with Siyeon even letting out a, “yes, baby, yes!”

Dream 3

Siyeon was also later seen greeting a piece of fried chicken – a testament to how delicious it was.

Dream 6

JiU added, “You think we won’t eat much because we’re promoting, right?” before gesturing to a table packed with food, including pasta and KFC, reassuring fans that they are eating well.

Dream 4

The girls gathered and asked fans to expect even bigger winds from Dreamcatcher.

Dream 5

Dreamcatcher’s feast and adorable interactions can be seen in the video below!