Dreamcatcher is known for their unique horror concepts that draw on intrigue and mystery to make the group one to keep an eye on!

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Their stage outfits are created to reflect the vibe of the concept, and Dreamcatcher’s stylists slay everytime! Here are 10+ times JiU wore the most gorgeous, mystical stage outfits, and these moments will prove that she fits their concept like a glove!

1. JiU’s purple hair ties this black look together nicely while giving it an ethereal edge as well!

jiu stage 3

jiu stage 2

jiu stage 1

2. This blue ruffled piece is just the right amount of elaborate for JiU!

jiu stage 5

jiu stage 4

3. JiU’s visuals are on another level in this simple yet elegant outfit! The matching purple ruffled shirt and shorts suit her so much!

jiu stage 7

jiu stage 6

4. She’s an ethereal dark queen in this all-black ensemble!

jiu stage 10

jiu stage 9

jiu stage 8

5. JiU in this black leather with frills outfit is perfection!

jiu stage 13

jiu stage 12

jiu stage 11

6. The golden detail on her purple jacket adds a nice illustrious touch to the whole outfit!

jiu stage 15

jiu stage 14

7. JiU in this black suit ensemble looks perfectly mysterious!

jiu stage 19

jiu stage 18

jiu stage 17

8. A classic Dreamcatcher outfit!

jiu stage 22

jiu stage 21

jiu stage 20

9. The red and black go so well together, and JiU pulls off this look so effortlessly!

jiu stage 24

jiu stage 23

10. With her gorgeous blonde hair and intricate detailing of the embroidery on her jacket, JiU looks like royalty in this outfit!

jiu stage 26

jiu stage 25

jiu stage 16

11. She makes this all-denim outfit look so high-class with her top-notch visuals!

jiu stage 29

jiu stage 28

jiu stage 27

12. JiU’s a master at pulling off over-the-top stage outfits, but she slays equally hard in simple ones as well!

jiu stage 32

jiu stage 31

jiu stage 30

13. JiU’s visuals are so ethereal!

jiu stage 37

jiu stage 36

jiu stage 34

jiu stage 33

Dreamcatcher recently made their comeback with the album Dystopia: Road To Utopia, and accompanying title track “Odd Eye”.

Watch the MV here!