Dreamcatcher just dropped the latest album in their Dystopia series on January 26, called Dystopia: Road to Utopia. Like many K-Pop artists in 2020, the girl group saw a pretty significant increase in their popularity and album sales within the last year, which is very well-deserved!


Looking back over the line distributions over all three of the albums in this series — with Dystopia: The Tree of Language and Dystopia: Lose Myself released last year — it’s interesting to see how their lines have changed over time and whether they have become more of less even.


Here are the line distributions for all 19 songs that Dreamcatcher released in their Dystopia series, including each album’s total as well as the overall total.

Note: Handong didn’t participate in the first two albums on this list due to conflicting schedules while she competed on the second season of the Chinese elimination reality show, Youth With You.

Dystopia: Tree of Language

1. “Scream”

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T133842.957

2. “Tension”

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T134113.342

3. “Red Sun”

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T134232.795

4. “Black or White”

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T134350.769

5. “Jazz Bar”

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T134451.093


meta-chart - 2021-01-26T134815.161

7. “In The Frozen”

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T135120.206

8. “Daybreak”

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T135222.270

9. “Full Moon”

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T135318.698

10. “Paradise”

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T135531.818

Album Total

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T141837.696

Most lines: Siyeon (34.5%)

2nd: Yoohyeon (19.4%)

3rd: JiU (14.2%)

4th: SuA (12.6%)

5th: Dami (10.4%)

6th: Gahyeon (9.1%)

Difference between member with most & least lines: 25.4%

(Since Siyeon had a solo song on the album along with having a big portion of the lines, she had a huge role in their Dystopia: The Tree of Language album!)

Dystopia: Lose Myself

1. “BOCA”

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T142532.738

2. “Break The Wall”

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T142824.513

3. “Can’t Get You Out of My Mind”

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T142950.889

4. “Dear”

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T143054.611

Album Total

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T143625.621

Most lines: Siyeon (24.6%)

2nd: Yoohyeon (18.2%)

3rd: SuA (16.2%)

4th: JiU (15.9%)

5th: Dami (12.8%)

6th: Gahyeon (12.3%)

Difference between member with most & least lines: 12.3%

Dystopia: Road to Utopia

1. “Odd Eye”

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T144501.079

2. “Wind Blows”

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T144614.821

3. “Poison Love”

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T144743.018

4. “4 Memory”

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T145520.025

5. “New Days”

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T145833.965

Album Total

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T150317.484

Most lines: Yoohyeon (19.1%)

2nd: Siyeon (17.8%)

3rd: JiU (16.8%)

4th: SuA (14.1%)

5th: Handong (12%)

6th: Dami (10.5%)

7th: Gahyeon (9.7%)

Difference between member with most & least lines: 9.4%

Overall Total

meta-chart - 2021-01-26T151029.214

Most lines: Siyeon (main vocalist): 25.6%

2nd: Yoohyeon (lead vocalist): 18.9%

3rd: JiU (leader, lead vocalist, lead dancer, visual): 15.6%

4th: SuA (main dancer, lead rapper, sub-vocalist): 14.3%

5th: Dami (main rapper, lead dancer, sub-vocalist): 11.2%

6th: Gahyeon (sub-vocalist, sub-rapper, maknae): 10.4%

7th: Handong (sub-vocalist): 4%

Looking at Dreamcatcher’s line distributions over all three albums, there is a very noticeable change in the members having more evenly distributed lines with each album. While there are definitely still some members with more lines than others (with Handong’s 4% not really counting, since she was only in one album), their positions in the group are accurate to how many lines they have, with the main and lead vocalists and rappers getting more lines and the sub-vocalists and sub-rappers getting less. There’s a reason for positions in a group, which can be a bit debatable, but what isn’t debatable is that they’re all incredibly talented!