DreamCatcher talked about the ways that their international fans show their love!

On February 13, DreamCatcher made a comeback with their fourth mini album “The End of Nightmare” and held a press showcase in Seoul.

The seven-member girl group has held concert tours in South America and Europe, and will be kicking off their Asia tour in March.

Dami said at the showcase, “We’re starting in Jakarta on March 20 and then going to Malaysia and Singapore, and we’re preparing for a Korean concert in April. We did different cover songs in South America and Europe that fit with each country. We’ve prepared special cover songs this time too, so you should look forward to it.”

Handong added, “We’re planning to do a lot of our b-sides at this concert and not just title tracks. We’ll work hard and show you a good performance.”

The group also shared stories about meeting their fans overseas, and Siyeon mentioned that fans would call out to her using her full name, Lee Siyeon. She said, “When we were in South America, someone said my full name with really clear pronunciation. So I though they were Korean and asked in Korean, ‘Who is that?’ I was touched by the fact that people in another country were calling me by my full name in a clear way, and I want to go to many more foreign countries.”

JiU said, “There was someone who had a tattoo of our logo. It was amazing.” SuA expressed how surprised she was by a fan as she said, “There was someone who got a tattoo of my autograph.”

Check out DreamCatcher’s comeback by watching the MV for their new title track “PIRI” here!

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