All of the DreamNote members are visual beauties, but three of the members have become known as doppelgängers to other famous visual legends.

dreamnote visual lookalike 1

First, Youi is known as the lookalike to Red Velvet‘s Irene! With their sharp-yet-round facial features, they share a similar aura.

dreamnote lookalike 3
| Left: @illu_light Twitter, Right: @FOREVER_RVL Twitter

Youi confessed during a reality show that she was famous as Irene’s doppelganger in her neighborhood before she became an idol.

dreamnote youi irene

But her members bowed their head as they felt embarrassed by her bold comment!

Next, we have Lara who’s been compared to DIA‘s Jung Chaeyeon! They also share similar features, such as the square jawline, sultry eyes, and tall nose.

dreamnote lookalike 2
| Left: TenAsia, Right: @toothpaste1201 Twitter

Lastly, former member Habin was becoming to gain popularity as a doppelgänger for actress Ha Yeon Soo! They both share the signature Squirtle look that makes them so adorable!

dreamnote lookalike
| Left: iMe KOREA, Right: 1News

Whether they truly have similar features or not, each and every one of the DreamNote members have their own flair and beauty that makes them all their own!

dreamnote visual lookalike 3

Check out the members talking about their lookalikes in the video below: