On August 8th, Lee Juk performed as a guest for a Thomas Cook concert on August 7th. On this day he performed the highly popular “As You Say It” and “Apgujeong Punk.” (Drooping Snail is the name of the team comprised of Lee Juk and Yoo Jae-Seok.) The two songs were performed by Drooping Snail for the Infinity Challenge special.

Lee Juk did all the rapping and singing by himself, he also sang “Where Is Love Going” that is a part of his 4th album.

Lee Juk stated, “After the Infinity Challenge special, this is the first time I appeared on stage as Drooping Snail by myself, thank you Yoo Jae-Seok.”

Other than Drooping Snail, the Infinity Challenge special also created the highly popular “I Am Cheating” song by GG (G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo.)

Here is a previous performance of the songs.