Earlier today, Kara sparked another controversy after a photo of their vehicles parked in the handicapped parking slots surfaced online. It was later discovered that Kara had parked their vans in the reserved area for 15-20 minutes while on their way to the “14th Annual Korea China Music Show” at the Yeosu World Exhibition Venue.

Shortly after the photo was made public, and heated response ensued from enraged netizens, Kara’s agency, DSP Media, released an official statement to address the issue.

The message read, “Hello, we are DSP Media. This message is our official statement regarding this morning’s report about Kara’s vehicles parked in handicapped parking slots. After checking in with our manager who drove the van, Kara and their staff stopped by the Jung An rest stop in Gongju, and had two of their vehicles parked in the handicapped slots for about 15 minutes.”

“For this, DSP Media would like to apologize to all the people that may have been affected by it, as well as all the fans that support Kara. Also, we will do our best to prevent the same incident from happening again. Thank you,” it added.

This is the third major controversy involving Kara since their comeback with “Pandora.” Last week, their outfit were accused of being too revealing, while they declined to comment on a question about Dokdo, a controversial topic between Korean and Japanese fans.