Dynamic Duo and Simon D successfully finished off their first series of concerts “AMEOBA CULTURE by M-Live” in the United States. On April 16, their agency Ameoba Culture announced, “‘AMEOBA CULTURE by M-Live’ attracted approximately 2000 fans from all over North America during their concerts in Seattle and LA.”  

Even though it was the first time these artists performed in the U.S., more than 30% of the audience were local music fans, proving Hip Hop’s presence within Hallyu as well as the potential for Korean Hip Hop artists to advance into international markets. 

A local official of these concerts commented, “It’s hard to believe that these artists have never been to the states. There was a line outside of the door four hours before the concert. This is a rare occasion for visiting international artists like them.” Many local fans who were at the concert also praised and welcomed the energy and skills of Dynamic Duo and Simon D. They commented, “Korean Hip Hop is so energetic, I’m impressed!” “They are a different sort of Hip Hop. They got new type of rhythm and beat compared to American Hip Hop music. I think they have a good chance here in the states.” 

CJ E&M M-Live, who successfully planned and executed the concerts, stated, “At times, we were confused and thought we were back in Korea, because the audience was so energetic and excited. They all seemed to enjoy the concerts a lot. We think these concerts showed us the potential of Korean Hip Hop artists in the American market, where Hip Hop came from.”