On July 11, Dynamic Duo members Choiza and Gaeko appeared on the KBS radio program “Hong Jin Kyung’s 2 O’Clock” with one member making an unexpected confession about SISTAR member Hyorin.  The hip hop duo had recently worked with the sexy and talented idol.    

Knowing about the collaboration, DJ Hong Jin Kyung apparently could not help but ask: “If Hyorin said let’s date, would you date?” 

Choiza responded: “In reality, I don’t think she would say let’s date to me…. [But] If Hyorin came to me first and said let’s date, I don’t think there are many men in Korea that would not date her.” 

Choiza continued: “Honesty is my good point.  How can I say I did not have some feelings when working with SISTAR’s Hyorin?  If Hyorin said let’s date, I would date her.”     

To the amusement of the staff and listeners, Gaeko commented: “[On the day that Hyorin came to record] It was the first time I ever saw Choiza come so early to a recording session.” 

Dynamic Duo made a long-awaited comeback this year releasing the music video for their new single “BAAAM” which features Muzie of UV on June 30 and their seventh album “Lucky Numbers” on July 1.  The hip hop duo also included a track called “Hot Wings”(“Wing Bone”) which features Hyorin on the new album.  

Dynamic Duo achieved their first win on MNET program “M! Countdown” on July 11 and first win on KBS program “Music Bank” on July 12.  

Dynamic Duo – “Hot Wings”(“Wing Bone”) Ft. Hyorin