When news broke out that E-Sens had cancelled his exclusive contract  with his company and parted ways professionally but not personally with Supreme Team counterpart Simon D, fans have been wondering what these two solo artists will do now. Simon D has since voiced support for E-Sens’ decision and E-Sens also confirmed that he was planning to go solo. 

In the days following the sudden announcement, E-Sens also took the time to answer questions from fans on Twitter, while explaining how he was doing with the entire transition.

On July 27, he posted this message on Twitter, “To all the fans who have supported Supreme Team, thank you so much. Since we’ll be going on our separate paths, I’m not sure when we’ll have the opportunity to perform together again. However, I will not be performing Supreme Team songs on my solo stages. I would hope that everyone would wish us good luck on our future solo careers.” 

He went on to reminisce about the beginning of Supreme Team and his music career on Twitter, saying, “E-Sens was a name I came up with in middle school and I’ve always wanted to change it, but I think I’ll keep using it. I look forward to showing you my new material soon. It probably won’t be anytime soon thought.” 

E-Sens and Simon D. began performing together as Supreme Team back in 2009.

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