Last week, Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi appeared on “Star King” alongside Super Junior, f(x), and Infinite!  Wow!  On the show, they “kidnap” some of the idols and joke about sending them off to various countries.  Check it out here:


Those of you who saw the show may not have seen these unaired outtakes.  In this first clip, EYK dances with Super Junior, gets them to speak in various languages, and then gets them to auction their belongings.  (Everyone cheered when Eunhyuk removed his belt!)  Also check out Shindong‘s super sexy dance.

In the next clip, they ask f(x) to do several variations of the “Hot Summer” dance (e.g., R&B, sexy, cute, and cool).  So check them out and also read what Simon and Martina had to say about meeting Super Junior and f(x).  (Seems that Amber and Shindong are very cool people — no surprise there, right?)


By the way, people have been commenting on the height disparity between Eat Your Kimchi vs. Super Junior.  Simon and Martina are really tall people (6’4″ and 5’7″ respectively), and Martina appears to be wearing slight wedges, so that may explain some of the discrepancy!

Source: Eat Your Kimchi, [email protected]