This week for Eat Your Kimchi’s Music Monday, Simon and Martina reviewed B1A4‘s “Baby I’M Sorry.” BILASA (B1A4) had made their comeback to the K-Pop scene with a full album and released their music video for their title track “Baby I’m Sorry” last month on March 14. 

They were a bit torn about the song. There were a lot of things they liked and disliked about the song. While they definitely loved the sound of it, the song seemed too auto tuned. In the music video, some of the members seemed to have trouble acting and conveying their emotions. 

As for the English of the song, this one wins for worst English usage in K-Pop ever. With phrases such as “Baby I’m sorry, we got the better,” and “Got you my lonely love tonight,” it can sound really ridiculous.

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Here is the full music video if you havent watched it yet.

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