The story of an elderly couple who has transformed their health and marital relationship through exercise is gaining a lot of attention after airing on SBS’s “Capture the Moment: How Is That Possible?

The June 11 episode of the series portrays the exercise secrets of the “buff couple from Bulgwang-dong,” as they are now being called. While demonstrating their effective couple exercises for the camera, husband Jung Gwang Suk (70) and his wife Park Ok Boon (62) also show off their amazing physiques.

With her strong back muscles and perfect body line and his strong chest muscles, the “buff couple” boasts muscles that even a 20-year-old would envy. As a result of their varied couple exercises, they reveal that their marital relationship naturally improved along with their health.

The pair’s reason for beginning to work out dates to about ten years ago, when Jung Gwang Suk suffered a life threatening fall. With the burden of making a living placed solely on her, Park Ok Boon also began to develop physical pains. However, vowing that they would overcome their conditions through exercise, the two have now recovered their health and recaptured a youthful energy.

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