Actress and model Yoon Seung Ah appeared in a photo shoot and interview for the July issue of fashion magazine “InStyle.”  The lovely actress, known for her supporting role in the 2012 MBC historical fantasy drama “The Moon That Embraces the Sun” and lead role in the 2012 channel A romantic comedy drama “Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog,” will be appearing in the SBS drama “Empire of Gold.”

Yoon Seung Ah, who is besties with singer and animal rights activist Lee Hyori (see here and here), brought her dogs Bambi and Boo to the photo shoot.  Yoon Seung Ah talked about her upcoming book on raising dogs, and commented: “In our country, other than translated books, we don’t really have any properly written textbooks.  As I raised my puppies, I decided I wanted to communicate to people my experience in raising them and tips.”

Yoon Seung Ah also talked about the love that her dogs gave her: “Even though the love that people give to other people is also precious, there are times when people want to be alone.  [My dogs] Bambi and Boo give me unconditional love.  When I don’t feel very good, they come close quietly, lean against me, and lick me, and give me comfort.  It’s so amazing and I’m grateful.”