Many of us are familiar with random “Engrish” found throughout the world thanks to plethora of information available right at our fingertips. I remember seeing many “Engrish” signs in Seoul more than a decade ago, but have noticed much less spelling and grammatical errors as Korea strived to embrace the English language and become accepted into the global community.

So it’s a surprise to many that “Engrish” has been spotted on a recent Korean drama since many production companies have greatly increased exporting the addicting dramas and have gained a large foreign audience following. This capture is a scene from KBS’s weekend drama “My Daughter Seo Young.” In the 12th episode, a lawyer is trying to scout the protagonist Seo Young (played by Lee Bo Young) and hands her an envelope listing incentives for the said position. The envelope reads “Raw Firm Unique” rather than “Law Firm Unique.”

Netizens who saw the episode commented, “I guess it’s passable if they make mistakes on outfit inconsistencies, but English spelling? That kind of mistake is.. yea. Could it be that law firm is not legit?” “The first episode had a mistake revealing a part of the script on camera and now it’s the spelling. The production staff should pay more attention.” “Man, it’s embarrassing that a lawyer character in the drama made that type of mistake.”

For all the K-Drama lovers, did you notice any more “Engrish” in your favorite dramas?