Monster rookie ENHYPEN is featured on the cover of DAZED Korea‘s February issue. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from NAVER and an exclusive video from the shoot below!

1. Jungwon

Leader Jungwon stuns with his soft visuals and BALENCIAGA outfit.

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e (24)

2. Heeseung

Heeseung shows off his colorful personality in a tattered, oversized hoodie and baseball cap.

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e (25)

3. Jay

Fashion enthusiast Jay debuts a throwback hairstyle — and it’s oh-so-perfect for him.

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e (9)

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e (26)

4. Jake

Jake’s puppy visuals become smart and sophisticated in his trendy glasses.

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e (12)

e (13)

e (27)

5. Sunghoon

Sunghoon is prince-like in his all-black outfit.

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e (15)

e (16)

e (28)

6. Sunoo

Sunoo looks chic in an oversized graphic tee with his signature bright expressions.

e (17)

e (18)

e (19)

e (29)

7. Ni-ki

Maknae Ni-ki debuts a more mature look showing off his charismatic side.

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e (21)

e (22)

e (30)

8. Group

The seven boys each add their own colors to the DAZED photoshoot.

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Check out a behind-the-scenes video below!