On November 30, ENHYPEN debuted with a “Given-Taken”, a supernatural music video that’s leaving fans with more questions than answers. Here are 6 things you might have missed the first time around!

1. Sunoo, the bridge between two worlds

At the beginning of the MV, Sunoo sits in the middle of the room, dividing ENHYPEN into two halves.

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His eyes are also two different colors, blue and brown. This could suggest that unlike some (if not all) of his members, he is not fully human or fully vampire…yet.

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2. A window into the past

When Sunoo sings, “red sun, no lie”, several photos flash by that hint at a backstory. The first photo is of an eerily empty nursery…

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…the second is of two nurses in a dining room…

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…and the third photo shows a nurse standing in the same room ENHYPEN were in together. Like Heeseung, she is standing up, but on the opposite side of the window with a small table that isn’t there later.

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There is also a red room that shows up in the next scene.

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3. The writing on the wall

Jay and Jake face each other in this no longer red room, where the contrast of sun and moon is strong. The left wall is covered with scribbles that hint at ENHYPEN’s story, including an angry person holding a sword and a drawing of a crescent moon.

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4. Vampire imagery

The MV combines several well-known myths about vampires and their supernatural abilities. Vampires crave human blood…

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…burn in the sun…

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…and can fly.

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In some myths, they can also turn into bats, are unable to consume human food…

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…and cannot enter a human dwelling unless they are invited in.

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5. They’re monsters…or not?

ENHYPEN gathers at the dining room seen earlier in the video, but rather than eating, Heeseung takes a white pill.

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He has flashbacks from the past, including his members dressed in clothes from another era, the nursery, and the house they are in.

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Are ENHYPEN really vampires or are they just ordinary people who have been convinced they are “monsters” by their nurses and the medicine they are “treated” with?

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6. Who was the first vampire?

In the trailer, Jake leans over to bite Jungwon, but in the MV, Sunoo is the one feeling snacky. Why is everyone nibbling on Jungwon, and who was the first member to become a vampire?

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It’s possible that Jungwon was the first vampire because he is the only member shown outside the house who needed to be invited in.

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Watch the video here: