Previously in a live stream, ENHYPEN‘s Jay revealed that BTS‘s Jimin was his inspiration.

Even in his Weverse interview, he also mentioned Jimin being his role model. “I want to dance as if it’s a piece of cake even when I’m using every last drop of my energy that I could collapse. Because of that, I made Jimin from BTS my role model for when I’m doing K-Pop choreography.”

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Jay also revealed that he always keeps in mind the advice he received from his dance instructor about how “anyone with the basics can dance well, but looking really good comes from knowing how to relax.”

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His passion for dancing also stems from his tendency to focus on one thing until he masters it. “For weeks I’ll spend all my time on that one interest except for when I eat, sleep and shower.”

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It is his constant interest in many things that have made him passionate about many different topics. “As for knowing a lot of trivia, that’s because of my dad. My dad and I are really similar. He literally knows everything, even things you don’t need to know. Ever since I was a kid, I have been curious about a lot of random things.”

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Although ENHYPEN hasn’t been able to meet their fans in-person yet due to COVID-19, he plans to practice hard in order to show their best to the fans. “We have plenty of time to make ourselves even better so that when we see our fans in person we can hopefully put on a live show that we’ll have no regrets about.”