As the juniors of HYBE Labels, ENHYPEN has many well-known seniors in their labelmates NU’ESTBTS, GFRIEND, SEVENTEEN, and TXT. Jungwon revealed which group he’d love to be friends with.

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During ENHYPEN’s recent fan signing, a fan asked leader Jungwon if there were any senior groups or groups in the same generation that he wants to get close to.

He chose fellow labelmate SEVENTEEN and shared why the veteran group was his number one pick.

Jungwon answered, “I have a lot of respect for SEVENTEEN sunbae-nims.” In fact, he was more than ready to be friendly with them all and shared a wish to “get to know many people from the same label.

It makes perfect sense since Sunoo recently shared that the most memorable piece of advice he’d ever received from a senior group was from none other than SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN even visited them when they were trainees on I-LAND, giving them a helping hand and having a little fun.

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If SEVENTEEN is watching over them by giving advice, Jungwon is already on his way to getting his wish.

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