The chemistry between the ENHYPEN members is undeniable and Sunoo once confirmed that with a cute story of when he met Jay.

Sunoo started off and confessed that he and Jay always passed each other as trainees but did not really communicate with one another.

We didn’t have any opportunities to become close friends. When we were trainees, we just said ‘hello’ to each other in the halls.

— Sunoo

Later Sunoo revealed that the two became closer back at their dorms and during recording. According to Sunoo’s words, the time they recorded was the first time he and Jay had actually really talked to each other.

When we were recording, and I had my first conversation with Jay Hyung, he told me he could teach me the choreography if I want to learn it and I remember being really touched by his comment. So I still remember that.

— Sunoo 

From then on, Sunoo shared that he started to see Jay as a member he can trust.

At that time, I realized he was a really reliable person. And we became closer friends since then. We talked a lot together.

— Sunoo

Despite the close relationship the two share now, Sunoo also confessed that he thought Jay looked a bit scary when he first met him.

When I first met Jay hyung, I thought he was a scary guy.

— Sunoo

Luckily, the two are so close now that Sunoo even shared he would have “5 Jays” because of his fun personality.

How cute is their friendship?!