Epik High‘s Tablo finally revealed who the mystery artist with the honey voice is on their 2019 track, “Eternal Sunshine”!

tablo 2

Epik High’s “Eternal Sunshine” has already attained iconic status due to its amazing lyrics, rap, and melody!

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| Epik High

The song is also a well-known collaboration between Epik High and BTS‘s Suga, and fans could;t help but fall in love with this work of art!

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Epik High and BTS’s Suga| @blobyblo/ Instagram

And now, almost two years after it was released as part of Epik High’s 2019 album Sleepless In__________, Tablo revealed the hidden female artist behind the addictive hook of the song!

tablo 1

In a tweet, he revealed that it was none other than former YG Entertainment labelmate and talented soloist, Lee Hi!

lee hi 1

Responding to this tweet, Lee Hi excitedly confirmed it, and talked about how time has passed by since the release of “Eternal Sunshine”!

lee hi 6

You’re right! That’s true, you’re right… The time is already… 2021… And soon, it’ll be 2022.

There you have it! On this amazing track, there were two amazing artist features: Suga, and Lee Hi!

lee hi 3
| @blobyblo/ Twitter

Listen to the track here!