In the latest episode of DIVE StudiosK-Pop Daebak podcast, Eric Nam recommended songs to add to a “Chill Spring Break Vibes” playlist. One of the songs mentioned was his iconic duet with Red Velvet’s Wendy, “Spring Love,” for SM Station.


As soon as he started talking about their collaboration, he began to sing her praises. He confirmed that she is super sweet and, just like the rest of us, he can’t wait for her solo debut!

She is the best. Wendy is awesome. She’s incredibly talented. She’s the sweetest, sweetest person in the world and I believe she’s releasing solo stuff in April. I’m super excited for that.

— Eric Nam

Due to a hiatus to recover from serious injuries, the two have not caught up personally together in a while. He gave her a shoutout and said, “If you see this, I hope you’re doing well and excited to see your solo debut.”

While Wendy was a pleasure to work with, Eric also remembered how uncomfortable it was to film the “Spring Love” music video due to low temperatures. He said that it was “so freaking cold,” that they “almost died!”

We shot it in an old decrepit amusement park and it was freezing. It was so cold. I remember it being so cold so if you look at the music video, my ears are like bright pink and red because it was freezing.

— Eric Nam

Not only were they freezing, but he also shared that they barely knew each other at the time of filming. Despite this, Eric and Wendy had to pretend to be in love!

We never met and they’re like, ‘You guys are dating in this video!’ and I was like, ‘Oh, hi, okay, okay.’ I don’t know if we had never met, but it was just like we hadn’t. We didn’t know each other at all so I remember it being like really awkward.

— Eric Nam

You can watch Eric tell the story in the episode below: