Eric Nam currently leads a podcast “K-Pop Daebak!” where he discusses the most recent hits in K-Pop along with commentary on his own experience in the industry.

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One of the songs he discussed was the solo debut single “Call Anytime” by WINNER’s Jinu.


Eric and Jinu had previously been castmembers on “The Wizard of Ozi” where they had to travel in a team in a foreign country to complete a series of missions without their personal belongings.

Hence, the pair have been well acquainted with each other.


In fact, Eric was very glad to be discussing Jinu, especially for his solo debut.

I’m excited for Jinu to debut and really start as a solo artist … it means a lot to have a solo song, something that is supposed to be yours and supposed to represent you more than just a group

winner jinu

He revealed his feelings towards Jinu and it was clear that being on the same show as Jinu left an impact on Eric.

He’s one of the most nice, soft-spoken, well-mannered kids

winner jinu

Eric even referred to Jinu as such a great “dude’s friend”, meaning that he is the kind of person who is always there for his male friends, as shown by his role as the sweetest hyung in WINNER.


In fact, Jinu was so nice, that it was almost a penalty!

winner jinu

Eric admitted that because Jinu is so pure and so lovely, he was so afraid that he would say something that would interfere with Jinu’s wholesome personality.

He’s so nice, I feel uncomfortable almost saying stuff to him, because I’m please don’t hate me

winner jinu

While Jinu was so sweet that it made Eric think carefully over how he would interact with him, Eric still appreciated what an angel Jinu was.

He highlighted that in Korea’s age hierarchy, Jinu was the youngest castmember on the show, yet he was so diligent and helpful towards the older members, as he was expected to.


It is clear that Jinu is one of the sweetest and most kind-hearted people.

Many people will not be surprised if he doesn’t even have a mean bone in his body!

winner jinu

This just goes to sure that even without Jinu’s stunning visuals, his angelic personality is irresistible to anyone who meets him.