Singer Eru’s popularity in Indonesia is sizzling!

On July 5, Indonesia’s “Late Night Show” featured a two hour special on the singer, devoted entirely to Eru, according to Newsen.

Eru's Popularity in Indonesia

On the broadcast, Eru showed that he was fluent at speaking English, and gave a deep impression to the locals. He sang a duet for “I Love You” with Indonesia’s most popular singer, Sule. He also performed “I Hate You” at the recording studio.

It was also Eru’s birthday, so his fans prepared a cake and presents.

A representative said, “It’s not that easy for a star to get his own special broadcast even in his country. To have a two- hour long special in a foreign country shows just how popular Eru is. He is so popular that all his fans want to know his every move. When we say he’s a national star, we’re not exaggerating.”

Local fans said, “I’m so happy and grateful that I was personally able to congratulate Eru on his birthday,” “I hope he will always be loved by his fans as he is now,” and “I really hope there will be more chances for him to come to Indonesia.”

Eru said, “I’m very grateful for this overflowing love and the warm welcomes. I will work harder to show everyone how thankful I am for my fans.”