Composer team E-Tribe has revealed their singer-debut title song “Mother” on November 19th, and gained a lot of interest from music fans.

E-Tribe is known to be one of Korea’s top composers producing hit songs like Lee Hyori’s “U-Go-Girl”, So Nyeo Shi Dae’s “Gee” and Super Junior‘s “It’s You” etc.

Many music fans have anticipated that their new song
will another dance song. But it turns out that “Mother” is of a
different genre than what we are used to hearing from E-Tribe.

Netizens’ response to the song was, “Even though it is totally
different from what I’ve expected, I am satisfied with what I’m
hearing”, “Just the right song for winter season”, “I really miss my
mother now that I’m listening to the song” etc.

E-Tribe has been promoting as composer group for seven years, and this
is the first song produced as a singer. The song has went up to #1 on
Mnet real-time chart as soon as it was revealed.

(E-Tribe : Mom (Digital Single)
[Song HD 091119]E-TRIBE (이트라이브) – 엄마 (Omma / Mom) [Producer of Lee Hyori, SNSD, Suju]

[MV Teaser HD 091116]E-TRIBE – 엄마 (Omma / Mom) [Producer of Lee Hyori, SNSD, Suju]

More about E-Tribe:

Ahn Myung Won (left), E.D. (right)

  • Members: Ahn Myung Won (Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement), E.D. 이.디 (Producer)
  • Hits: 2009 – So Nyeo Shi Dae “Gee”, Lee Jung Hyun “Crazy”, Super
    Junior “It’s You”. 2008 – Lee Hyori “U-Go-Girl”. 2006 – Lee Hyori “Slave”, Se7en “I Know”

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