The soon-to-be-married couple Eugene and Ki Tae Young revealed their pre-wedding photos today. Taken under the “royal wedding” concept, the couple showed off their refined and classy looks through these photos. Eugene, in particular, wore the beautiful Kate Blanc dress, showcasing her elegant beauty throughout the photo shoot.

“This photo shoot was taken in a semi-album format in order to decorate the actual wedding. We’re planning to take more photos during their honeymoon in Europe. The happy moments of the beautiful couple will be reflected in the photos,” an official of the photo spread told local media.

After co-starring in MBC drama “Creating Destiny” as a married couple, Eugene and Ki Tae Young started dating in real life for about a year and a half. Their wedding will take place on July 23rd at a church just outside of Seoul. Many celebrities, including former S.E.S. members Shoo and Bada, are expected be in attendance.


Source: DongA Ilbo