Former girl group member and now with a successful acting career, Eugene has uploaded a picture of herself without make up.

On August 24, she uploaded the picture on her twitter with the caption “I stayed up all night taking part in a photoshoot. I was eating a triangle kimbab because I was so hungry and thought it was fun to take an interesting photo with it.” She added, “I definitely have great stamina~ But my feet hurts a lot. Hing~”

Eugene is winking and smiling in the attached photo and it’s noticeable that there are no blemishes on her skin. The positioning of her triangle kimbab as a hat is drawing laughter from her audience. Some netizens expressed their interest with “Are you really married? Your complexion is too good,” “Your skin’s very clean. Just like a beauty mentor,” “I’m jealous of Kim Tae Young.”

Eugene is currently a beauty mentor for women on cable channel OnStyle’s “Get It Beauty 2012.”