Don’t you all dream of one day meeting your favorite Korean celebrity in your own hometown? It happened to a lucky French fan in the city of Montpellier on March 24.

Ex-S.E.S. member Eugene and her husband Ki Tae Young were in the French city last weekend to film an episode of their upcoming reality show, “Super Couple Diary.” Thanks to this show, the newlywed couple has been travelling the world and showing their daily lives to the fans.

Audrey and her friends had the chance to meet the couple on the streets of Montpellier. After seeing Eugene in person, Audrey said, “Eugene was really nice when I asked her for an autograph and a photo, but I didn’t want to disturb more as she was working. Eugene is really pretty and kind, and they look so lovely together.”

 Hallyu stars are often very surprised to meet foreign fans who can recognize them. “She smiled when she met us. Her husband seemed surprised, too. But the staff was even more amazed as our Korean friends introduced us as K-Pop fans.”


That day will probably be unforgettable to these French fans. Watch out! Some Korean celebrities might soon travel to your city too!~