Former S.E.S member Eugene and actor Ki Tae Young married last July.  After a beautiful wedding and a romantic honeymoon in Paris, attention is being focused on their eye-pleasing house.

In the episode of KBS2’s “Star Life Theater” that aired on March 12, viewers got to hear the fairytale of how Eugene became the wife of that one special man.

As soon as Eugene enters her home, she is immediately greeted by Brandon, her fluffy white cat.  She invites the filming crew into her home where the beautifully decorated interior is brought up to another level with the addition of carefully chosen flowers.

Her kitchen gives a warm appeal with its combination of yellow and white, while the living room provides a calm and cozy feel with the smart use of beige.  The couple’s bedroom gives off a pure and beautiful aura with its master theme of white.

Eugene creates a unique concept for each individual room and accents the room with an appropriately chosen flower bouquet.  I would definitely appreciate some color decorating tips from her!