Eun Ji Won recently gifted his manager of 10 years a new car to appreciate his continued involvement, through bitter and sweet periods of his career. Eun Ji Won’s representatives spoke to the press about the whole affair. “They worked together for such a long time and for that reason Eun Ji Won wanted to show his appreciation by presenting his manager with a car. The manager was very surprised and touched,” they said. 

“Eun Ji Won is not exactly the frugal type nor tenderhearted but he is known for surprising everyone when they discover that he will treat all of those around him as though they were part of his own family,” they continued. “It must not have been easy for him to acquire a car to purchase, so it was a wonderful surprise that he prepared.”

Lately, Eun Ji Won has been busy with his role in “Answer me 1997“, as well as involvement in MBC’s “Come to Play“, tVN’s “Three fools” and KBS 2TV’s “Emergency Escape Number One!