Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk revealed his deep affection towards his members.

During SBS’s “Strong Heart” on August 30th, Eunhyuk, who appeared on the show along with his members, unveiled Super Junior’s distinct pride which eventually made him drop some tears.

Eunhyuk stated, “We are approaching the age where we have to enlist into the military. Nowadays, we have discussions and we agree that our beginning was very different compared to others. We first debuted with only twelve members, but eventually we became a thirteen-member group – we were able to win first place on music programs, but during this journey, we had this distinct pride in our minds since we are the pioneers of the large boy-band era.”

Additionally, Eunhyuk continued by saying, “But most importantly, I want us to treat each other as brothers even when we become fathers. We often laugh and enjoy ourselves when we are together, but there are times when we cry at home. Appearing on this show together was actually deeply emotional for us.”

After the program ended, Eunhyuk, who knew that this was Heechul‘s final appearance on a T.V. program with Super Junior before his military enlistment, eventually dropped some tears.