Actor Lee Jang Woo teased Eunjung with his kiss scene with Jiyeon.

On the recently aired episode of MBC “We Got Married,” Lee Jang Woo is caring for his wife, who has a leg injury.

When Lee Jang Woo showed a sign of anger for Eunjung’s bed scene with Baek Sung Hyun, Eunjung brought out Lee Jang Woo’s script for his current musical. A passage in the script read: “A sweet, romantic kiss.” The actor was to have a kiss scene with Jiyeon, Eunjung’s fellow T-ara member and his sister-in-law.

Lee Jang Woo further explained the kiss scene to incite Eunjung’s jealousy when she asked, “How many times do you kiss? So you’ll have rehearsals for the scene too?” Her husband teased, “About 100 times counting rehearsal, practice, and the live performance.”

The main female character is a triple casting of Hyomin, another T-ara member, Choi So Young, and Jiyeon.

Eunjung retorted, “Why be jealous of my bed scene? It’s the same level compared to yours.” But Lee Jang Woo finally clarified, “The important thing is that we don’t kiss at all.” He explained that he puts his thumb over the actress’ lips and pretends to kiss.