T-ara’s Eunjung is set to begin filming for her new drama “Five Fingers.” According to reports from local news agencies, drama officials said she was supposed to have begun shooting earlier, but was delayed due to scheduling conflicts.

Reports further said Eunjung will commence shooting in earnest beginning August 22. A representative from the drama said, “We had to shoot her late because of schedule conflicts but she will join us not later than this week. We will proceed with her first shoot.”

“Five Fingers” has begun airing on SBS on the weekends. It premiered on August 18, but has thus far concentrated on the characters as children. Eunjung will play the adult female lead, caught in a love triangle between brothers Yoo Ji Ho (played by Joo Ji Hoon) and Yoo In Ha (played by Ji Chang Wook.)

Eunjung’s and the other adult characters are expected to come to the screen beginning on the Sept. 1 episode.