T-ara members during the KBS 2’s “All Citizens Talk Show Hello” explained how they are worried for Eunjung’s sleep habits. During the show, where Qri, Soyeon, Jiyeon and Eunjung herself appeared, answered the question ”Between T-ara members, who drives you craziest?” since the theme of the show was the title of the group’s single “I Go Crazy Because of You.” Soyeon answered, “I go crazy because of Eunjung.”

Soyeon explained, “We have been roommates for two years and a half. It is now a famous story even between our fans, Eunjung really sleeps a lot and sometimes hardly wakes up. For two years I always had to wake her up and be sure she was going to follow her schedule.”

After this revelation, pictures of a sleeping Eunjung appeared. Soyeon also said, “I got mad, I hit her and I tried everything. I bought a bell. If I ring the bell and I tell her I will be mad she wakes up.” Jiyeon added, “Not only are her sleeping habits a problem, but also she takes a lot of time to get ready. We always book the hairdresser for two hours, one hour is for six members and the other hour is only for her”.

An embarrassed Eunjung tried to vaguely defend herself, “I am not sleeping. Okay, sometimes I am.” After that, a photo of Eunjung sleeping at the hairdresser appeared and the whole studio burst out laughing. In the end Eunjung explained that “I sleep a lot. But lately I am trying to get pay more attention to others’ alerts.”

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Source: Ilgan Sports