You may have seen the photos already: After Imgur user zeldef shared her experience with Etude House’s Tint My Brows Gel, the media picked up on it in a big way.

“This woman’s eyebrow transformation gives hope to every woman who’s ever overplucked [their] brows!” crowed UK’s Metro, while Cosmopolitan labeled the outcome as “un-freakin’-believable.” Also covering the scoop were Huffington Post, Refinery29, and Daily Mail, who noted the low price point for brows that “Cara Delevingne would be proud of.”

Basically, you apply the tar-like product onto your brows, leave it on for at least two hours (or overnight), and peel it off to reveal… naturally shaded eyebrows that won’t smudge or fade for days. Or so the product claims. In reality, zeldef says that the product mostly disappeared after her nightly cleansing, but this did not deter her from continuing to use it, since it did provide such great results. She judged the longevity level would still work for long trips with friends, so that she could enjoy “a little brow action” when stumbling out of bed for coffee. Anyone with sparse brows will be able to relate!

etude-house-brow-1 etude-house-brow-2 etude-house-brow-3 etude-house-brow-4

Yes, the process looks weird and a bit painful, but zeldef assures us that no brow hairs were lost in the process. The “after” result makes it look like it was all worth it!

Do you think you’ll be trying Etude House’s Tint My Brows Gel anytime soon?