At the Melon Music Awards 2020 (MMA), BTS performed their hit songs — including the global favorite “Dynamite”.

BTS (without Suga) at MMA 2020. | @bts_bighit/Twitter

On stage, J-Hope rocked a purple-colored jumpsuit, with a low cut v-neck that kept teasing the ARMYs.

The sizzlin’ look — in addition to his impeccable dance break — went super viral on the internet, sweeping Twitter‘s worldwide trends line-up.

Everyone knew exactly why “J-Hope” trended…

… well, except for J-Hope, that is. When an ARMY swooned at J-Hope’s velvety goodness on Weverse

| Weverse

Oh nooo, J-Hope, what is even going on? ???????? This is going to drive me insane, that’s what.


… J-Hope actually had quite a clueless reaction…

… as if he felt surprised to find out that ARMYs liked his smooth criminal visual.

| Weverse

Oing (huh)??? ????

— J-Hope

Only then, J-Hope shared a selfie featuring the blissful outfit!

| Weverse

Seeing that he’s “all covered up” in the selfie though, most ARMYs poked fun at how “J-Hope is completely oblivious to how lethal his sexiness can be“.

But one ARMY suggested, “Oh he knows. He’s simply protecting us from himself.” ????

Watch the “Dynamite” performance here, but watch your BPM.