The ulzzang rapper, e.via is finally out with her double single titled, “via_polar.” The singer is sporting a cuter image in contrast to her more upfront image shown previously.


The title track is “Pikachu (Pick It Up)” which reveals once again e.via’s incredibly fast rap. The lyrics were created while thinking of fans along with fun stage performances.


Also included in the album is number, “My Medicine,” a medium-tempo rap number that takes a turn from the upbeat title track. “My Medicine” is much more mellow, perfect for the rainy season.


The track list is as follows:

01 Go! 2Via [Click to Listen]

02 Pick Up! U! (Radio Edit) [Click to Listen]

03 Rainy Sunday (Intermission)

04 My Medicine (feat. Napper) [Click to Listen]

05 Pick Up! U! [Click to Listen]

06 Pick Up! U! (8 Hakun Remix Version) [Click to Listen]

07 My Medicine (feat. Napper) (INST)

08 Pick Up! U! (INST)


Concept Photos:


What do you guys think of e.via’s new work?


Source: Newsen, YouTube(urnobody909), [email protected]