Former T-ara member Hwayoung recently updated her profile picture on her Twitter. Ever since the T-ara controversy, which involved rumors of bullying and Hwayoung’s unacceptable behavior, her every move has made headlines in Korea. Therefore, her latest change is no exception. Many netizens began speculating that this move symbolized a fresh start for the young celebrity.

Her new profile picture is one from her childhood with twin sister Hyoyoung. Back in April 26, 2012, Hwayoung had shared the photo for the first time, tweeting, “Even when we were younger, it was about twin power~~!! Something we don’t need our parent’s power for!! Martial arts of the teeth!!!!!!!”

Netizens commented, “So cute! I love how both of you have your own packages,” “Which one is Hwayoung,” “Awww, you and your sister are so adorable,” “Wonder if this means a new beginning for her,” and more.

Meanwhile, on July 30, Core Contents Media terminated Hwayoung’s contract with no conditions attached.

You can follow Hwayoung on Twitter @RHY422